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Guide to the Utah DMV

utah dmv

If you need help with the Utah DMV, then look no further! You can use this page as your guide to the UT DMV. Discover the details on Utah vehicle registration, driver’s licensing and more.

If you’re new to Utah, or have recently purchased a car, you may need to understand the vehicle registration process.

Utah Vehicle Registration

If you’ve just moved to Utah, you are required to register your vehicle at the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within sixty days of establishing residency. You will need proof of your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and a Certificate of Inspection (Form TC-661), if required. Your registration fee will be based on your vehicle’s model year and weight, as well as your county of residence. You will also fill out a Vehicle Application for Utah Title (Form TC-656).

Utah Vehicle Inspections

All vehicles being titled and registered in Utah for the first time must undergo a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection, unless they were obtained from a Utah dealer or manufacturer. Eligible vehicles in Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, Weber, and Cache counties must undergo emissions inspections. Vehicles will then undergo inspection in accordance the state’s inspection schedule.

Utah Vehicle Registration Renewal

You will need to renew your registration with the Utah DMV before it expires. You will usually be notified that your term is coming to an end by mail with a renewal notice. Your registration will expire after a year, within the month from when it was originally registered. You can renew your registration online, by mail, or in person.

Utah Vehicle Title

When you establish Utah residency, you have sixty days to register and title your vehicle at the DMV. You can do both at the same time. You will need the title certificate fom your previous state, a completed Vehicle Application for Utah Title (Form TC-656), proof of safety and/or emissions inspections and your VIN inspection, and payment for the title fees ($6, and sales tax which varies by city).

Getting Your Utah Driver’s License

You can apply for your driver’s license in person at the driver’s license division at the Utah Department of Public Safety. If you have a valid out-of-state license, you will not need to submit proof of driver’s education or a learner’s permit. You may be exempted from the road test, but you will still be required to take a written test. You will also need to pass a vision test, get your photo taken, complete a medical questionnaire, and pay the $25 licensure fee.

Utah Auto Insurance Requirements

No-fault and liability auto insurance is required, as Utah drivers are mandated to pay for medical and property costs if they cause a car accident. Insurance is required at the following minimums:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person, per accident.
  • $65,000 for bodily injury total per accident.
  • $15,000 for property damage per accident OR $80,000 total for bodily injury and property damage
  • $3,000 per person personal injury protection