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Alaska Registration Renewal

The state of Alaska requires that you renew your vehicle registration every two years. A reminder is mailed out by the Alaskan DMV 30 days before the registration renewal month, whichever that may be for the vehicle in question—this is called a mail out or pre-bill. The pre-bill will include your registration fees and the vehicle information.

Should you wish to renew your vehicle registration in Alaska online, you simply need to visit the DMV website of Alaska and:

  1. Make sure that you have your current address on file with the Alaskan DMV (old or outdated addresses may be updated)
  2. Enter your license plate number or your registration renewal number as well as the last 2 numbers of your VIN
  3. Pay the renewal fees and any motor vehicle registration taxes if applicable

Registration documents and stickers for your license plate will generally be mailed out within two days.

In order to complete the vehicle registration process in person or by mail, you will need the following information:

  • Registration renewal notice
  • Copy of your current registration
  • A renewal request letter that has your license plate number or a vehicle transaction application completed
  • Your payment

In almost all cases, the registration fee for a motorhome, passenger vehicles, cargo vans and trucks less than 10,000 pounds is $100. The cost for registering a motorcycle is $60.