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New Jersey MVC Pushes for Convenience

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) is continuously making improvements in their system and with their process to satisfy the needs of drivers and vehicle owners across the state. With multiple updates and changes in the pipeline, you can expect a much better experience the next time you go to renew your registration, license, and more. While the concept of a government agency focusing on convenience and ease may seem foreign, the state of New Jersey is breaking stereotypes with their initiatives.


Skip the Trip – Mail in License Renewal Initiative

In New Jersey, when it came time to renew your license (every 4 years from issue date), people were required to do so in person and provide several proofs of identity. Today, many residents of the state can skip the trip and renew their license by mail. The Skip the Trip initiative has saved many people to date from long and tiring waits at an MVC office. Prior to October 2013, residents born before December 1, 1964 could renew by mail but that left millions of licensed drivers and ID holders out of the loop. When the agency announced the change to remove that birth/age restriction, many people benefited. In September 2016, the MVC announced the mile stone of serving 1.5 million people with the new program after its launch in late 2013.

Due to the increased effectiveness of security procedures at MVC, more people have been able to renew their license by mail. In order to be able to renew by mail, you:

  • Must receive and mail back the unique renewal application they receive in the mail along with a check or money order for the appropriate fee. This renewal application cannot be reproduced or resent, so if it is lost after it is received or it is never received, you must renew your license or ID in person
  • Cannot have a Commercial Driver License (CDL), Graduated Driver License (GDL), Temporary Visa Restriction (TVR), interlock device, boat license or a suspension on your otherwise qualified licensed.


Utilization of online services:

Another service that was introduced to increase the convenience of the customers was the increased promotion and expansion of online services. The expansion online services has provided many people an opportunity to renew their vehicle registrations, change their mailing address, and more from the comfort of their homes. Still, the MVC is working hard to make the services more accessible for the state’s residents.

Part of the initiative to make online services more accessible includes making them affordable. While online processing or convenience fees were low to begin the elimination of the online convenience fee made accessibility even broader for the many residents to whom every dollar makes a difference between being able to afford essentials. Last year, around 1.5 million entered the office of MVC for registration renewals that can be otherwise done by just a single click online. While there are still some online transactions for which a fee is charged, the September 2016 announcement to eliminate the convenience on most transactions was a welcome move.

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