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Guide to the Maryland MVA

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If you are moving to Maryland or are already a resident of the state, you will need to visit the MVA if you intend to be issued a license and if you own and plan to operate a vehicle. Learn more about requirements in the Old Line state.

Maryland Vehicle Title and Registration

Maryland defines three different title transfer types. This includes titling a used vehicle, titling a new vehicle, and titling an out of state vehicle. Your situation may fall under more than one category. While requirements for titling in each situation vary slightly, there are several constants. Proof of ownership in the form of s title in your name or signed over to you, the completed application form, proof of insurance are required in all situations. Some variances include an odometer disclosure, certificate of origin and other requirements depending on whether it is a new, used, and/or out-of-state vehicle.

When you title your vehicle in the state of Maryland, you can complete the registration paperwork at the same time. Maryland is an inspection state and requires both safety and emission inspections periodically. Some exceptions apply such as for new vehicles and antique vehicles. When a vehicle is registered, two plates are issued. Once is placed on the front of the vehicle showcasing the plate number. The other, also showcasing the plate number, is placed on the back of the vehicle and has two stickers or decals. One sticker represents the month it was issued and the month the registration expires. The other represents the year the registration expires.

Renewing Your Vehicle Registration in Maryland

In Maryland, registrations are renewed for 24 months. Some exceptions can be made if requested so that vehicle owners can renew for only 12 months if needed. However, if you pay for a 24 month registration and need a refund for 12 months of that because you will sell the vehicle before that registration year begins, you can apply for a refund.

Registrations expire on the day the registration was issued. You will be required to renew every 24 months or 12 months if an exception was made either online, by mail, by phone, or in person at an MVA office or kiosk. When you renew, you are issued a new registration card and a new year sticker. Month stickers are only issued at the time the vehicle is first registered but can be replaced by request if it is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Maryland Auto Insurance Requirements

If you own and operate a vehicle in Maryland, minimum coverage is required. This includes:

  • Bodily Injury coverage in the amount of $30,000 which doubles if 2 or more people are insured with the vehicle
  • Property Damage coverage in the amount of $15,000

Licensed Maryland insurance companies can go over the minimum requirements. It is important to assure you are getting the coverage you need at a cost that is manageable for you by shopping around for the best auto insurance plan for you. Get some tips on what to look for here. Failure to maintain the required coverage, may result heavy fines which can in turn result in your registration being flagged. This will prevent you from being able to renew your registration.

Maryland Driver License and IDs

All states have different requirements that must be met before an identification card or driver’s license is issued. IDs are issued as long as you can prove you are living in Maryland such as with a payment stub or utility bill. You will be required to show proof of identity such as with an social security card, birth certificate, or other.

Maryalnd driver’s licenses are issued to Commercial Drivers (CDL) and private residents. CDL requirements vary from those for private residents. Requirements for private residents vary further based on age. Teen drivers are required to obtain additional education before they are issued learner’s permits or provisional license. Full privilege license are issued to teens who meet all the necessary educational and age requirements. Full privilege licenses are issued to adults 18 years of age and older as long as certain, less comprehensive MVA requirements are met.