Ohio Will Start Mailing Driver’s Licenses Kicking Off July

Kicking off July, 2018, Ohio will stop issuing same-day driver’s license to their local applicants, which is something that Ohio drivers must be prepared in advance. They will start mailing driver’s licenses instead. This move gives them a better way to save more money and increase security.

Licensed drivers will be getting their new driver’s license within 10 days after fulfilling all the test requirements. The Ohio Department of Public Safety reported that drivers will receive temporary licenses and ID cards while waiting for the provisional licenses.

In fact, the agency ratifies that this temporary licenses could be used as valid proof of identity and residence verification for other purposes including, voting.

Federal compliant regulations

Note that this temporary licenses also comply with the required federal compliant regulations for those planning on travelling. Starting on October 2020, travel restrictions will require federally compliant driver’s licenses to pass through the security checking at every airport.

However, this new addition won’t affect your budget because there are no extra costs attached to it. Drivers will be able to determine compliance with federal regulations by looking at their licenses. If their licenses have a star in the upper right-hand corner, they will be ready to move forward. It’s all about compliance.

Getting that license credential will require drivers to provide key documents including: birth certificates/ passports, copies of social security cards, and any other utility bills stating the person’s home address on them.

With these ongoing trend, Ohio becomes the 41st state that provides licenses and ID cards via the mailing method.

The Public Safety department added that this change will prevent loss and theft of classified material from motor vehicle bureaus, centralize a safer printing space, and help the agency reduce their security costs.

Saving on security costs is one of the most important aspects when it comes to operational expenses, since they have been dealing with increased security costs filtered by individual bureaus.

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