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Guide to Alaska DMV

alaska dmv guide

If you’re new to Alaska, or have recently purchased a car there, here are the basics on setting up your vehicle and licensing.

New Vehicle Registration in Alaska

New residents in Alaska must register and title their vehicle in person at the Alaska DMV within 10 days of establishing residency in the state. If you reside in the municipalities of Fairbanks or Anchorage North Star Borough, you will need to get your vehicle inspected before registering it. If you live further than 50 miles away from a DMV location, you are permitted to complete the process by mail.

In order to complete a new registration, you will need the following documents:

  • A vehicle title
  • An Application for Title & Registration (Form 812).
  • A notarized power of attorney if your vehicle is leased, or you’re signing on behalf of the vehicle owner
  • A vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection from a DMV- approved inspector
  • Money for all registration and titling fees, which are in general between $30 and $100

Vehicle Inspections in Alaska

Vehicle inspections must be performed at a One Stop Registration and Inspection Station, which is licensed by the Alaska Motor Vehicle Department. When your vehicle passes inspection, you will be issued an inspection certificate. Motor vehicle owners in Alaska are required to get their vehicles inspected every two years.

Alaska Vehicle Registration Renewal

In some cases, you can renew your registration online. You may also renew your registration by mail or at the DMV. To register in-person, you will need your last issued registration and a pre-bill form or a Vehicle Transaction Application Form. Note that there is a $10 fee for renewing in-person, unless your registration has been lapsed for more than a year.

Alaska Vehicle Titling

For new cars, you are required to title and register your car in person at the Alaska DMV within 30 days from when you purchased it. If you bought your car from a dealer, the dealer will generally submit the documents for titling and registration directly to the DMV.  You are not permitted to request a title for your vehicle through the mail.

Driver’s Licenses in Alaska

Alaska residents with a valid out-of-state driver’s license must pass knowledge and vision tests before obtaining an Alaska driver’s license. The driving test is required for those without a valid out-of-state license. New residents must also provide proof of ID and proper ID.

Alaska Auto Insurance Requirements

Alaska requires all registered vehicles to be insured. Liability auto insurance in Alaska must include the following minimum coverage limits:

  • $50,000 for bodily injury or death per person
  • $100,000 for total bodily injury when multiple people are hurt
  • $25,000 for property damage